Pianist / Minoru Nojima

The other day, I was interviewed by a person who said that my sound was very wonderful, and he asked me if I knew why. He asked me if I knew why. Then I remembered that I had seen a YouTube video of an American critic asking Rubinstein a question in his later years.

He said that Rubinstein's sound was representative of the sound of a great piano. Everyone thinks so, and it has been commented on tens of thousands of times. Rubinstein asked me, "Do you know how you came to that sound? Rubinstein was asked, "Do you know how you came to that sound? Rubinstein replied, "Yes, I do. He was a very young man, 20 years old. When he was quite young, in his twenties, he heard the Czech prima donna Emmy Distin, and was struck by lightning, and experienced for the first time that the human voice is such a wonderful thing. That's when he realized that he had changed. He was clearly aware of this in his own mind.

It may seem presumptuous to compare myself with Mr. Rubinstein, but I have two older sisters who sing. When I was in junior high school, I was forced to accompany my sister, who had just started music school. After that, I started to listen to a lot of songs. I was learning music from things that were not in my repertoire. When I was in the third year of junior high school, I was very impressed to learn that the human voice can be so wonderful.

I believe that the true beauty of music comes out when the character of the music you are playing is embodied and realized, and the sound is determined when the truthfulness of the sound, the true way of being, although it would be strange to say that, is established in you. I think there is an unconscious process of matching your own sound with the voice that comes out of you.

When you do this, the "true voice" inside you is influenced by the "voice" that you once thought was wonderful. I often tell my students that when they want to express themselves with a single sound, they have to prepare accordingly. Pronunciation. You have to go through a lot of trouble to decide what kind of sound you want to produce when you make such preparations. When preparing for this, it is important to have an image.

In my case, I was lucky enough to study music with my sister. If the image of the sound does not match the content of the music you are expressing, no matter how much you express it, it will only sound empty.

Therefore, in order to expand the image of the music, I think that the most important time for high school students is to feel various things and try various things, even if the results are wrong. I think it's the most important time to challenge yourself, to tear your heart out.