Beyond, beyond.

All musicians learn piano as a foundation. Learning the piano is not only for the purpose of becoming a virtuoso performer on stage, but also for understanding the essence of music itself and refining one's own sensibility. In order to make the most of the unique characteristics of the piano, which allows a single piano and a single person to express themselves in a variety of ways, students hone their versatility and insight through lessons, ensemble classes, daily practice, and school life. 

Learning by Major

The purpose of this program is to help piano students develop their performance skills and musicality. After passing an audition, students may transfer to the Piano Performer Course as a major. 

Piano Performer Course 
It is designed for students who have the ability to pursue and study the piano more deeply. The teacher selects the most suitable subject for each student, and students can learn from Baroque to contemporary music. 

Piano Performer Course Special Scholarship 
This course is designed for students in the Piano Performer Course who are especially talented and possess exceptional musicianship and technique. 

Piano and Creative Writing Course 
Students can study composition professionally with a composition faculty while taking piano lessons in the same way as regular piano students. Students will learn music theory in a systematic manner and develop the ability to write music scores in earnest. 

Lessons for piano students

Piano Ensemble
Students will learn how to create musical expression between two people through playing back-to-back or two pianos. 

Students learn to understand a piece objectively through music analysis and apply it to their performance. 

Accompaniment Method
Through singing and instrumental accompaniment, students will develop an ear for ensemble playing and learn the role of accompaniment.