Soothing Classics for the Holidays

It will soon be Golden Week. How will you spend it? We hope that this holiday will be a good time for you to relax and unwind from your busy lives. So, for this special feature, entitled "Classical music for the holidays," we asked our students to recommend classical music that they find soothing in different situations during the holidays. We also introduce the reasons why listening to it is soothing and our recommendations.

Suite Prelude to Bergamasque / C. Debussy

When you want to feel refreshed
The fresh sound, like light shining through the trees, will soothe away your everyday fatigue.

Liebesträume No. 3 / F. Liszt

For a time to relax and calm down little by little
This piece was written in the style of his friend Chopin, rather than his own signature ultra-technical style, in memory of the sudden death of his friend Chopin. The style of this piece is very calm and quiet, similar to Chopin's Nocturne and Farewell.

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring / F. Liszt

On a pleasant morning
The original piece is played on the organ, but the solo piano version is also lovely. The graceful and tranquil three-beat movements that make you want to set the alarm for every morning will slowly wrap around your sleeping body and make you feel comfortable in the morning. The intensity and flow of the sound is clearly felt and is very satisfying to listen to.

Introduction and Allegro / M. Ravel

When you want to be inspired
Ravel's sophisticated instrumental method, beautiful melodies and compositions, and the entire piece is stylish and transports you to some wonderful world just by listening to it. Also, the harmony of the harp and woodwind-string instruments gives you an emotion you have never experienced before.

Jeux d'eau / M. Ravel

When you want to reset your mind
The flowing repetition of the same shape is pleasant, and the beautiful scales and the piano's gentle, fresh tone are lovely.