Teruhiko Komori

Find your identity.
Beginning in the 2020 school year, our school has adopted a vision of learning. The ideas of Vision, Mission, and Values are now quite widespread in the business world and as a way of expressing corporate philosophy, etc., but they may not be familiar to high school and junior high school students.

"We are an educational institution that fosters creative individuals, who are able to build their future through music, collaborating with the outside world in an ever changing society."

This is our vision of learning, or the basis of our educational goal, a sort of title. It would be easier to understand if we say "Vision = Ideal".
We are in a music high school. We all have a deep connection with music, and we train as musicians every day. This is not a situation that every high school student is in. If you are a high school baseball player aiming for Koshien, this may be replaced by "baseball. If a high school student is aiming to become a scientist, this might be "science"; if a high school student is aiming for an oratorical competition, this might be "speech.
Music, as an art form, is sometimes referred to as the most sublime art form in that it does not require material materials. I also believe that music, like other art forms, is a wonderful art form that can serve as an end in itself.
It is our hope that through our proficiency in music, you will be able to live your life more authentically through being with music. To be more yourself means to liberate yourself. We don't want to give you a broad description, but an example would be to say that you should be free from unnecessary reservations or fear that your music will not be accepted positively by the recipients. It is about letting go of the fear of "what if" and unleashing one's innate musicality within oneself.
Musicality is within every human being. I firmly believe that. Among the various musicians I have worked with, there is not one who does not have musicality. I have seen many people who are wrapped up in so many covers that it is difficult for their musicality to come out, and I have seen many people who are not confident in their musicality and do not want to let it out, but I have yet to meet anyone who is "without musicality. I don't think there are any.
Musicality within oneself, for those of us who aspire to be musicians, is expressed in the word "music," but if we expand it to humanity in general, this can be replaced by the word "creativity. Joseph Beuys, a well-known contemporary German artist, said, "Every human being is an artist and a social sculptor. I see people in various professions, such as entrepreneurs, politicians, educators, etc., contributing to the building of a creative society by exercising their creativity in their work. I think building society creatively is what Joseph Beuys means by "sculpting society artistically.
I think it is well known that Kenju Fukuoka, who played on the wing for the Japanese national rugby team in the Rugby World Cup held in Japan, said, "My starting point is the piano," and I also heard a snowboarder at the Beijing Olympics say that his auditory sense from listening to music helps him in competition. There is a horizontal connection here as well.
In both sports and music, we "practice" a lot. We become friends with music through practice. The German word for practice is "probe," and the root of the word is "to try. In other words, it is not necessary to succeed, but it is important to "try" on the assumption that we will fail to some extent. This is expressed in this vision by the phrase "fail positively. It is not "don't be afraid to fail," but "fail to fail. Do not avoid failure. Our goal is to provide you with an environment where you can continue to fail. If it is okay to fail, everyone can be themselves without being uptight.
Find your own identity. Be yourself for that. That's what we want.

College president

Minoru Nojima

High school years are a precious time to grow into a performer and musician

The high school years are the most precious time for young people who aspire to become performers and musicians. Since the high school years are the most flexible time of development and absorption, both physically and mentally, I would like them to pursue their potential to the fullest. They may experience indigestion at times, but I want them to absorb as much as possible in an energetic manner. For example, even to produce one sound, I would like them to work on making a courageous choice, fully considering what kind of sound they should produce and what kind of sound is desired. In order to do this, they must also have enough time to practice. Three years of study at a music high school is the perfect opportunity to have such time. Please spend as much time as you want and continue to improve yourself until you are satisfied with your performance.

Our Vision

Expand your expertise in music.
Unlock your potential and free up creativity.

Our Mission

We will help you find and nurture your personality.
We will help foster a mindset that respects discipline and etiquette.
We will enhance your ability to self-determine your future.

Our Value

Embrace failure.
Accept diversity.
Be aware of yourself.
Develop a sense of integrity and respect for yourself and others.
Be trend-sensitive.


The school has a number of faculty members with outstanding expertise. We also have university faculty members who teach music courses, allowing students to learn more advanced content.

Majors & Courses

Courses include voice, piano, strings (violin, viola, cello, contrabass, harp, classical guitar), wind instruments (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, horn, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba), percussion instruments, composition, and general music. We offer a full range of majors for students who wish to study music. All private lessons for each major are given by professors and instructors from TCM, allowing students to absorb college level skills and information. In addition to the lessons, some music classes (solfège, music theory, etc.) are given by TCM professors.

Music Courses

We offer a variety of classes to acquire the basic knowledge and skills necessary for learning music, such as solfège and music theory. In particular, students will tackle assignments based on harmony and develop the ability to analyze them. In addition, we provide an environment where students can gain diverse learning experiences. We provide various forms of ensemble classes from vocal to instrumental music, including chamber music, brass band, orchestra, and opera.

College and High School Facilities

Tokyo College of Music Ikebukuro Campus

Building A
Building A
Tokyo College of Music High School(Building J)
Tokyo College of Music High School(Building J)
Tokyo College of Music 100th Anniversary Hall Tokyo College of Music 100th Anniversary Hall
Tokyo College of Music 100th Anniversary Hall

Tokyo College of Music Nakameguro Daikanyama Campus

TCM Hall TCM Hall
TCM Hall

TCM Student Dormitory

3-22-10 Zoshigaya, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0032

Dormitory expenses
 ⋆ Entrance fee 80,000 yen
 ⋆ Dormitory fee 78,000 yen/month

Conditions for entering a dormitory
Must be too far away from home to commute to school. (Commuting time to school is estimated to be at least 3 hours one way.)

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