Entrance Examination Schedule

Entrance examination by recommendation

Application period 2025.1.15(Wed.)~17(Fri.)
Entrance examination 1.22(Wed.)・23(Thu.)
Announcement 1.24(Fri.)
*The final decision will be announced in early October in the Admissions Handbook.

General admission examination

Application period 2025.1.25.(Sat.)~2.4(Tue.)
Entrance examination 2.10(Mon.)・11(Tue.・Pub. holiday)
Announcement 2.12(wed.)
*The final decision will be announced in early October in the Admissions Handbook.

Special Entrance Examination for Returnees from Overseas and Foreigners

Application period 2024.10.22(Tue.)~29(Tue.)
Entrance examination 2024.11.24(Sun.)
Announcement 2024.11.25(Mon.)
*Details will be updated at a later date.

Admissions Test Questions

The school distributes question papers (with answers) from the past two years of entrance examinations.The contents of the question booklet are [ Japanese, Mathematics, English, Music, Listening, and Composition ].If you would like to receive a copy, please fill out the inquiry form below.


The prospectus contains detailed information about each major and provides a deeper understanding of the diverse learning opportunities available at our school.

Entrance examination training session

We hope that junior high school students who are considering entering a music high school in the future will learn the proper way to study music and help them prepare efficiently for the entrance examinations. In addition, we will provide careful guidance on practical lessons according to each student's ability. We plan to announce the guidelines for the summer course in early June and the winter course in early October.

Summer Examination Seminar Effective Date:2024.8.1(Thu.)~8.4(Sun.)
Application period:2024.6.20(Thu.)~7.5(Fri.)23:59
Winter Examination Seminar Effective Date:2024.12.23(Mon.)~12.26(Thu.)
Application period:11 . 10(Sun.)~11 . 20 (Wed.)23:59
*Schedules are subject to change.

Entrance Examination Consultation

Our faculty will be available to answer any questions that junior high school students who are thinking about entering TCMHS may have. Each event will be updated as needed.

School Tour

We welcome requests for school tours at any time. To request a tour, please fill out the inquiry form below. We also accept applications by phone.

・Please note that we do not offer class tours.
・Please prepare your questions, etc. in advance.
・Please prepare your questions, etc. in advance.

Tokyo College of Music High School TEL: +81-3-3988-6214

Basic Music Education Course

For those who do not know how to study music dictation or musical grammar, this course starts with the basics. A check test is given in the first and last class, and appropriate advice is given to each student. We also provide advice on how to enter a music high school at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact us.The course will be offered online starting in the fall.Coming Soon!

Free Trial Lesson

This is an ideal opportunity to take the first step toward experiencing our school's music education. You can also listen to our students' performances. What is music dictation? What is music grammar? This is a good opportunity for those who have such questions.

Holding period Schedule Target
Free Trial Lesson in Spring Effective Date:2024.5.11(Sat.)9:40~11:45
Application Period:2024.4.15(Mon.)~ 4.26(Fri.)
5th grade to 3rd grade of junior high school
Free Trial Lesson in Fall Effective Date:2024.9.7(Sat.)9:40~11:45
Application Period:2024.8.19(Mon.)~ 8.30(Fri.)
5th grade to 2nd grade of junior high school
*This is intended for those who have not attended a free trial session or workshop at our school in the past. If you wish to take the course again, please contact us in advance.
*Please consult with us in advance if you are a junior high school student who would like to take a free trial session in the fall semester.
Tokyo College of Music High School or online
Participation Fee
Personal effects
Writing implement
*Please refrain from coming to the school by car.
*If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.