Deepen your personal expression through Mozart's works

The opera recital is an annual presentation for students taking vocal exercises. Classes are held once a week and students work on their opera rehearsals on a daily basis. The vocal exercises are open to students who are not majoring in vocal music. Performances of Mozart's "The Magic Flute" and "The Marriage of Figaro" are given each year. One of the features of this class is that many professors are involved in the instruction. We invite professors of vocal music at the university and various lecturers. From conducting and accompaniment to singing and acting instruction, we receive detailed instruction on a daily basis. We practice by ourselves many times outside of class hours to fulfill the requirements of the class.

Last year, there was a long online period due to the spread of corona infection, but the teachers sent us videos for individual practice, and we read our lines many times online. The costumes are authentic and we cooperate with each other to change the stage. Practicing is hard work, but the sense of accomplishment after the performance is over is indescribable. This experience will be useful for all of us in our musical activities. Students in the vocal music department can become friends beyond their grade level because of this class. Even students who have not taken the vocal exercises look forward every year to seeing their close friends perform their best.

Opera Video

With limited practice time due to the Corona Disaster, we created our own script, performance, and acting in a limited amount of time. We hope you enjoy this performance, which is the result of the passionate guidance of the teachers and the willingness of the students.

W.A.Mozart / The Marriage of Figaro, Group A

W.A.Mozart / The Marriage of Figaro, Group B