Continuing reverberations, to the end of the world.

Stringed instruments, both instruments and performance styles, were established 200 to 300 years ago. Its appeal is not only as a solo instrument, but also in ensembles ranging from chamber music to orchestras. The rich resonance produced by the individual strings and the reverberations that follow sometimes have a musical appeal that envelops the audience. Create your own personality through your musicality. While being aware of the importance of cooperation as one of many instruments, we will polish your individuality and hone your creativity so that you can collaborate with diversity, both as a musician and as a human being.

Major Competition Achievements

The 81st (2012) Japan Music Competition, Violin Section - 2nd Prize, Iwatani Prize (Audience Prize)/Ryosuke Suho

The 82nd (2013) Japan Music Competition, Violin Section, 2nd Prize/TSUJI Ayana

The 86th (2017) Japan Music Competition, Violin Section, 2nd Prize/Risa Tonomura

The 88th (2019) Japan Music Competition, Violin Section - 2nd Prize, Iwatani Prize (Audience Prize)/Hina Maeda

The 18th (2020) Tokyo Music Competition, String section, 1st Prize, Audience Prize/Hina Maeda

Lessons for string students

Students will learn the fundamentals of ensemble playing, mainly featuring works from the Classical to Romantic periods.

String Chamber Music
Students form mainly string quartets and receive instruction in each group to learn the fundamentals of ensemble playing.

Harp and Classical Guitar Chamber Music
Students participate in university ensemble classes and learn to play in ensembles with university students on the same instruments.

Student Voices

Violin: Mr. Koshiro Takeuchi
Violin: Mr. Koshiro Takeuchi

In addition to high school classes, students can take lessons from university professors. In the lessons given by university professors and instructors, you will not only learn about technique, but you will also be able to pursue in depth how to perform a piece and the musical approach to it. In high school orchestra and chamber music classes, students can learn the joys and difficulties of ensemble playing, which are different from those of playing solo, and enjoy the pleasure and sense of accomplishment of creating one piece of music together for various concerts. In addition, being involved with friends from various majors in high school has stimulated me from all angles and changed the way I perceive music. It is said that the three years of high school are a particularly important period in the study of music. I can say with confidence that this high school provides a wonderful environment for learning music in depth.

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