I want to bring my passion and love for music to all of you.

Last year, the orchestra concert was only delivered to prevent corona infection. This year we were able to open the concert by inviting our guests, the first orchestra concert of the year. We hope that many people will be able to listen to the concert.


Divertimento in D major, K.136

Fresh harmony overflowing with hope for new friends.
This is the first ensemble to perform this piece, Mozart's Divertimento for string quartet, after entering the first-year high school. Every year, first-year students are challenged to play in an ensemble with other string students of the same grade. There, they learn the joys and difficulties of ensemble playing, and how to create one thing together. This year, I learned especially the different beats for each movement and how to match them with their surroundings.

J. Rutter: Suite for Strings

Familiar and nostalgic melody.
This piece, which begins with an open, resounding sound, consists of four movements, each of which has a different character. The first movement is rhythmic and has a beautiful melodic flow. The second movement, on the other hand, has a soft and fluffy tone that envelops the body, and the light melody invites a smile. The third movement is beautiful with the violin and viola solos positioned left and right with the conductor in the center, and the harmony of the melody supporting them. The fourth movement has a melody that moves along at a brisk tempo, and the dialogue between the different instruments is fascinating.

W.A.Mozart: Overture to "The Marriage of Figaro" K.492

Difficulty due to a well-known masterpiece
The Marriage of Figaro is one of Mozart's most famous operas. The performance by an orchestra must be of very high quality. The music is light, cheerful, and uplifting. The students in the second and third grade will perform the piece after many rehearsals and performances. The delicate melody at the beginning of the piece is so difficult that even professional orchestras have to practice it many times. Mozart's melodies are simple and easy to sing, but even a single mistake is very noticeable and requires a very high level of concentration in playing each and every note. I would be happy if you could listen to the performance, which was completed under the careful guidance of the orchestra professors, while imagining the contents of the opera.

W.A.Mozart: Violin Concerto No.5 in A major "Turkish Style" K.219, 1st movement

Graceful and gorgeous melody
Although the orchestra is mainly composed of strings, the tone of the wind instruments is very important and brings gorgeousness to the whole piece. The soloist's melody and the orchestra's melody intertwine at a good tempo and resonate throughout the hall as a single piece of music. The last part of the piece is the cadenza, a showcase for the soloist. All notes except for those of the soloist disappear, and the soloist plays freely.
The same motifs are played over and over again, but each motif is fascinating, and you will enjoy the harmony of not only the soloist but also the orchestra.

G. Bizet: Suite I from the opera "Carmen

A powerful performance that brought everyone together in a single, passionate performance.
The beginning of the piece is suddenly filled with an unsettling atmosphere, followed by a moment of silence with a great deal of excitement. Then the familiar melody rings out, and the solo parts of the wind instruments are performed with the tinkling of the other instruments. After these quietly end, the harp and flute melodies intertwine beautifully. Next comes a three-beat melody that makes one's body move unintentionally. After the two chords are heard, a march-like, powerful, and heavy tone sounds low in the background, but then a whispering, almost choral, tone is heard. But then it changes to a whispering, light sound, ending with a melody of wind instruments and a quiet bouncing sound. And finally comes the last song of Carmen, "This is the one! The last song is "Carmen"! We were all united in our passionate excitement.

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