72nd Departure

The 72nd Diploma Ceremony was held on Friday, March 10, 2023.

The 72nd graduating class for TCMHS, who entered the school in 2020 with the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection and have bravely overcome many hardships, such as HR and classes through screens, the August entrance ceremony held in mid-summer, school lunches that become a time of silence, and events and concerts that are subject to various restrictions.

We present here a video of the farewell address given to them by Principal Teruhiko Komori and the ceremonial song performed by the entire school.

The ceremonial song is a special medley of "Aogeba Toutoshi" and "Hotarunokari" which have been sung at graduation ceremonies at TCMHS for about 40 years.

With the orchestra playing in the background, all students enrolled at the school unite their hearts and sing their thoughts as they embark on their new lives together in this moving moment.

Due to infection control measures for the new coronavirus, the performance was cancelled at the 69th ceremony, and only the orchestra performed at the 70th and 71st diploma award ceremonies, but this year, for the first time in three years, the voices of the students echoed through Hall A.

Please enjoy the history spun by TCMHS as you experience it.

Principal's Message

ceremonial song